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Thu Oct 17 7pm : Learn coding for iPhone and iPad. RSVP

Thu Oct 24 7pm : Learn coding for iPhone and iPad. RSVP

Fri Oct 25 5:30pm : #Techbeer. RSVP

Thu Nov 7 7pm : Learn coding for iPhone and iPad. RSVP

Fri Nov 8 6pm : #Foosball. RSVP

Thu Nov 14 7pm : Learn coding for iPhone and iPad. RSVP

Sat Nov 16 10am: App Dev Day. RSVP

Thu Nov 21 7pm : Learn coding for iPhone and iPad. RSVP

Thu Dec 5 7pm : Learn coding for iPhone and iPad. RSVP

Fri Dec 13 6pm : #Foosball. RSVP


Spring Break Labs for Kids in Fullerton

Air Hockey Kids

CoWork+Play Fullerton offers Spring Camp April 8-12 from 10AM to 2PM. Children 5 -14 years old are welcome! CoWork+Play Fullerton is a brand new clubhouse for kids after school and a space for home schoolers during the day. During spring break we offer a special program for all children.


CoWork+Play Fullerton’s spring camp is not your normal activity-based spring camp. Instead, it is focused on children exploring technology and business in a playful way and at their own pace. It’s all about discovering a unique selection of inspiring labs and interactive classes where children learn from each other and are guided by their own interests. The offerings are diverse and full of action.

Spring Break Week: signup

Every Day From 10am – 2pm

Monday April 8:
Indoors Sports Tournament: Air Hockey, Wii Championships, and more

Tuesday April 9:
Star Wars Lab: The Movies, Star Wars Lego Battle and Star Wars MineCraft

Kids Computer LabWednesday April 10:
MineCraft Labs

Thursday April 11:
Lego & Lego Robotics Lab

Friday April 12:
Nerf Gun Wars


Cowork+Play offers children 6 connected rooms to play in: a lunch room, Lego room, computer room, living room with TV and comfy couch, gym room and air hockey room. All rooms are available any day and with them a selection of board games, books and Legos.

$35 per lab/day
Siblings pay $25 per lab/day

Optional $5 for hot lunch catered by Matador Cantina.

Please reserve your space and buy your tickets here on the site.

Call 1-877-747-3263

Bring your own laptop or computer if you like to play MineCraft, with Minecraft installed.



Minecraft Wednesdays in Downtown Fullerton

Steve Minecraft Join us for Minecraft Wednesdays! Every Wednesday, kids 5 to 12 years old are invited to come over to play Minecraft together.

We have two MineCraft sessions every Wednesday:

Early session 10am-2pm
Afternoon session 2pm-6pm

We welcome kids from 5 to 12 years old.

You can bring lunch, we have a fridge and a microwave.
You can order lunch/dinner for $5 (catered by Matador Cantina)

Sessions are $12, please RSVP on the bottom of this page, payment required when dropping off your child. You can also buy 10 sessions for $100.

You are welcome to use the Coworking Space on the other side of the hallway.
Date: every Wednesday, starting February 20, 2013 (10a-2p -or- 2p-6p).

Location: Coworking Play - 111 N. Harbor Blvd, Suite 2, Fullerton, CA 92832 - Call us at 877-747-3263


Please RSVP via the form below:

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Your Kid(s) name(s) and age(s) (required)

RSVP for Date

 I understand my kid(s) need to bring their laptop(s) with Minecraft installed to play.
 I understand there's a $12 fee per child.



Boardgame Night

Every Monday at 7pm Co-Working Fullerton hosts Game Night. If you would like to join, create an account on to get more information.  Primarily we play “Family Strategy” or “Euro” boardgames like Settlers of Catan, Ticket To Ride, Puerto Rico, Agricola and Card Games like Dominion, Tichu, For Sale, R-Eco, Bang!, etc.


New Conference Room Pictures

We are really happy with our new location! Check out some pictures of the newly upgraded Conference Room!!

Conference Room Conference Room


New pictures

We are really happy with our new location, here are some pictures!


We Need Yarrr Feedback!

Please take a minute to tell us what YOU need:


Co-Working is a great way to work from home, away from home!

Working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s too easy to be distracted by something on TV, the laundry you need to do, the bathroom you forgot to clean, or the dog always barking at anyone who walks by. Graphic artists, web designers, freelance journalists, and anyone else who does work from home suffers from things like this keeping them from getting their work done the way they’d like to. Often times, this leads to going out to some local place with internet access like a coffee shop or internet cafe. Unfortunately, these places have their share of disturbances as well; These places are businesses first (usually restaurants), and workplaces second. Too many people crowd the place, bring noise, and cause messes. This is a big disturbance and can keep you from concentrating on your work.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere you could go to get your work done that isn’t filled with all these distractions? Fortunately, such a place does exist, and it’s called Co-Working. Co-Working is a quiet, dedicated workspace located in Fullerton, CA, where you can rent a space for a day to get your stuff done in a work oriented environment. If you like the Co-Working experience, you can secure your work space every work day of the week for an entire month to ensure you have an office in a quiet, relaxed environment with all the comforts of your home. Co-Working also offers free tea, water, and Starbucks coffee, leaving you with no reason not to try Co-Working today.


Coworking: New Trend Grows in Popularity

With the economy in recession and a resulting shift in how people work, there are increasing numbers of freelancers, consultants and other professionals-turned-entrepreneurs who have been working from isolated home offices or on the run in coffee shops and other public spaces. A new concept has developed that relieves the isolation of the makeshift office and brings these people together to form like-minded communities with shared values emphasizing creativity and productivity.

Coworking spaces are being created in cities and towns all over the world. Here, the professional can work in space rented by the hour or day, surrounded by others doing the same. There are no bosses, just workers, working independently yet in a community of others who share their vision. Costs are kept low, creativity flows and professional space for meetings and conferences is readily available.

Coworking combats the fatigue and creative slumps that the self-employed freelancer frequently experiences. The coworking idea is based on forming a community that is collaborative, supportive and grants each worker a legitimate place in the world of the coworking space. Many coworking communities have banded together to form webs of space that are available to members from affiliated communities. There are coworking groups that span the globe allowing members to share space worldwide. Those who travel extensively on the job can benefit from knowing they will find a comfortable space to work where people have similar goals.
Because the sense of community is more important than the actual space, many coworking groups start before the space is actually acquired.


Advantages of Using Coworking Spaces

With the change in the economy, there has been a recent increase in the number of people working from home as freelance writers, artists, programmers, consultants or in other occupations that can be done from a remote location. With this trend has come a new idea, coworking spaces. Rather than working in isolation at home or in coffee shops, coworking spaces allow people to use shared office space to do their work. There are many advantages to using these spaces, some of them may even lead to increased income.

The most obvious is the end to the isolation of working at home alone. Simply coming together with others can increase creative and energy levels, making for more productivity. Imagine the contrast between the isolation of sitting alone in front of the computer at home and having an office filled with others working on similar projects. Freelancers can commune with others about leads, networking opportunities and ideas that may improve their work. The energy flow in a group of people can lead to better work production, less procrastination and greater creativity. Rather than being alone and stymied by a technical question or problem, a group of people can often find a solution.

Coworking spaces can be a very cost-effective way to gain access to professional room for meeting with clients. Conference spaces can be used creatively for meetings or for community presentations. Be sure to consult with a tax professional to see if any costs for using the coworking space are tax deductible.

Although the workers using the space will change over time, a sense of community can be built that will benefit all involved.